In the square where the fountain with the statue of Hercules stands, under the 16th century, the Caffè del Popolo was opened early 20th in the premises of the former Civic Historical Archives and Prefecture.
The Art Nouveau decorations with boiserie panelling and mirrors, brass and glass are still in excellent condition. The premises were renamed Gran Caffè Savoia in the Thirties by Giovanni Picinelli and Caffè Centrale in the post-war years.
In 1996, Luigi Di Girolamo and his wife, Greta Gualeni, after carefully restoring the premises, re- launched them under what is their current name: Gran Caffè Liberty.
The Cafeteria combines with restaurant service. In summer you can lunch and dine at the magnificent courtyard inspired by Gaudi’s eccentric art or have an aperitif at the tables arranged under the pergola, amid the ancient arcs of the municipal building.
The restaurant also hosts major music events and attracts clients for all over the district, thanks too to the excellent food prepared under the supervision of Greta.